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MAXICON has professional technicians that fit your company and sector. This saves a lot of time, uncertainty and risk.
Maxicon Technicians is the perfect partner for long-term assignments as well as temporary and specialized orders.

Whether it is machine maintenance, a targeted intervention or the complete construction and precise adjustment of any machine, Maxicon Technicians allows you to enjoy the continuity and flexibility of outsourcing at all times.

The 5 benefits of outsourcing

  1. A qualified professional at the time you need one.
    We provide flexible interpretation for both short and long assignments. This way you do not have to overburden your own employees. Our professionals can be engaged in both a day system and shift system and dispose of their own car.
  2. Continuity for your company.
    Repairs and maintenance can be carried out both at night and during leave periods and shutdowns. Within a sector that is subject to peaks and valleys, we provide the workers with the ability to help you out during busy periods. From machine builders to extra IT support and temporary (night) forces, a lot is possible. This way you take the lead on the competition when it comes to service, production and customer-friendliness.
  3. You can make an appeal to our knowledge.
    Our technicians excel in expert knowledge and practical experience in various companies and sectors. In this way they are equipped to detect, solve and avoid breakdowns. They work brand independent, so Maxicon offers the answer to many logistical and operational issues.
  4. You save.
    Not just on time: outsourcing offers a transparent rate that includes the total cost of an employee, in contrast to a combination of wages, holiday pay, leave and sick-leave payments.
  5. You can focus on your core activity.
    In the meantime, we provide motivated professionals for the maintenance of your machinery, or other matters that take your focus away from what really matters to your company.
Companies looking for a technician
can contact Deborah for West Flanders, Emilie for East Flanders & Antwerp, Martina for Limburg!
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