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Drone Solutions

Maxicon Drone Solutions is your partner for UAV technology in construction, environment and asset management. Our solutions significantly increase the quality and efficiency of the results.

Maxicon Drone Solutions specializes in mapping, 3D-modelling and inspection, with a strong link to land survey.

Mapping & 3D-modelling

High-resolution photos or lidar data allow the creation of 3D point clouds and/or high-quality orthophotos. The combination of classic surveying techniques and modern drone technology allows us to deliver results with the highest accuracy.


  • High-quality orthophotos
  • 3D point clouds
  • Volume calculation / stockpiling
  • Progress reports according to the Surface Mining Decree
  • GRB compliant Asbuilt plans
  • BIM models
  • Site progress monitoring
  • Digital terrain models


Inspections of difficult to reach or confined places present many challenges in terms of safety and efficiency. Thanks to our solutions, both the safety and efficiency aspect of such measurements or inspections increases significantly.

After data collection, it is made easily available through our online data management system. This allows for objective analyses to be carried out and reports to be drawn up.


  • Inspection/asset management of utilities, infrastructure, telecommunications infrastructure, powerlines and wind turbines
  • State inventory of facades and roofs
  • High-altitude measurements (noise, heat, emissions)

Available quickly and easily

We strive to make deliverables available as quickly and easily as possible, where they can be consulted online at any time. Our services are targeted at land surveyor or engineering firms as well, where a close cooperation with your current surveyor is possible.

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