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Drone Solutions

Maxicon Drone Solutions is the ideal partner for jobs where drone technology can make execution more efficient and / or significantly improve the quality of the results.

Our team consists of drone pilots who have a class 1 license. For example, we can legally carry out the most varied orders within the legal framework (K.B., April 10, 2016 with regard to the use of remote-controlled aircraft in Belgian airspace). Several of our drone pilots are land surveyors.

Here you discover the most interesting options for your company.

For these services you can contact us:

Mapping & 3D modelling

By placing GPS control points in advance and collecting thousands of high-resolution photos, our software allows us to compose 3D point clouds and / or high-quality orthophotos. Thanks to these 3D point clouds, the land surveyors within our team can continue with the final processing. The combination of classic surveying techniques and modern drone technology allows us to deliver results with the highest accuracy.

Possible applications:

  • High-quality orthophotos
  • 3D point clouds
  • Progress reports
  • Volume determination / cubing
  • GRB-compliant AsBuilt plans
  • Placing BIM models during work
  • Follow-up work
  • Digital terrain models

Our results can then be viewed within a specific software package that allows you to view the measured site at all times and, if desired, to carry out some measurements yourself. Comparison of the various measurements then allows to carry out checks (e.g. supply or removal of raw materials), as well as to adjust where necessary.

Maxicon Drone Solutions offers a complete service, thanks to the combination of classic surveying techniques and modern drone technology. You can also make an appeal to our services as a land surveyor or research bureau. Furthermore, a collaboration with your current land surveyor is also possible. Our team of surveyors can develop projects in various software packages such as AutoCad and Pythagoras.


Inspections of places that are difficult to reach pose many challenges in terms of safety and efficiency. Thanks to the high resolution images that we can take with our drone, both the safety and efficiency aspects of such measurements or inspections increase. After collecting the data, it is made available in a structured way through our data management system. This makes it possible to carry out objective analyses and to draw up reports.

Possible applications:

  • Inspections wind turbines
  • Inspections at high altitude
  • Measurements at high altitude (sound, heat, ...)

These are your advantages:

You make use of the numerous possibilities of a promising technology, without the high entry costs or the need for training.

All our pilots are experienced land surveyors who work safely and cost-efficiently, with registered aircraft.

The images can be processed for AutoCAD and detailed 3D mapping. Other applications are also possible.

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